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U.S. delays imposition of duties on Chinese goods


According to sources cited by Reuters, the White House has decided to delay imposition of customs taxes on Chinese imports. They claim that this occurred as a result of the worsening of ties between the United States and China during the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House, to Taiwan.

The U.S. government sought to address the issues with the levies on Chinese imports that previous President Donald Trump imposed due to the rise in inflation, according to the agency's sources. In particular, it was intended to eliminate some taxes before adding them back on to other products.

Reuters claims that Ms. Pelosi's visit resulted in the decision to delay these actions. The White House, according to the agency, did not want to take any actions that would be seen as an escalation of the Taiwan crisis. The agency claims that when the decision to eliminate taxes on specific Chinese imports was being considered, U.S. officials attempted to persuade Beijing to follow suit but met with resistance.

On August 2, as part of an Asian tour, Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Americans to Taiwan. The PRC authorities believed that the U.S. was breaking the "one-China" policy by taking such a step. They started conducting military drills around Taiwan in response.

source: reuters.com