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U.S. may sanction major Chinese chipmaker


Getting a subsidiary of significant Chinese chipmaker, Naura Technology Group on Washington's list of trading partners under surveillance is the reason the U.S. may impose export restrictions on the company. U.S. officials are already in discussions with representatives of Naura about the potential measures.

The South China Morning Post noted that "U.S. government officials have started negotiations with a leading Chinese supplier of semiconductor fabrication equipment concerning Washington's recent limits on high-tech exports."

The discussions took place a few weeks after the US Department of Commerce's UVL, a list of unproven importers, was updated to include Naura's subsidiary. Companies on this list may be included to the so-called U.S. trade "black list" if they fail to disclose information to the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security of the U.S. Department of Commerce. It prohibits companies from using American-made technology, parts, or components without a specific permission.

The meeting, according to the publication, will assist in providing the American bureau with the essential information. The company also intends to have its subsidiary removed from the list and, as a result, avert certain restrictions.

source: scmp.com