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U.S. ready to reset relations with Saudi Arabia


According to CNN, which cited sources, the US is attempting to "reset" and restore relations with Saudi Arabia, which have worsened since the death of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post. According to them, the US government wants to repair ties with "a major Middle Eastern ally."

National Guard Bureau
National Guard Bureau
According to CNN, US President Joe Biden is "under great pressure" to increase sanctions against Russia and decrease domestic gas prices in the face of rising inflation. According to the network, Mr. Biden opted to "set aside his moral fury" and build "warmer" ties with Saudi Arabia as a result of this.

"Both sides have determined that we need to move on for the benefit of Middle East peace and stability," a senior US official said.

Meanwhile, CNN sources say that the upcoming warming of relations between Washington and Riyadh does not imply "forgiving or forgetting" the murder of the Saudi journalist, and that Joe Biden plans to discuss the matter with the crown prince during a meeting in July. According to CNN, some officials in the US administration still believe "more has to be done" to bring the prince to justice.

source: cnn.com