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U.S. watchdogs to penalize companies for mimicking ESG agenda


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to the Financial Times, is creating rules under which corporations can be penalized for making "excessive or misleading" ESG promises when selling linked investment products on the market (bonds, receipts, etc.).

mike langridge
mike langridge
According to reports, regulators are working on regulations that will allow issuers to promote their products using terminology like "ESG," "sustainable development," and "low-carbon footprint."

According to Morningstar, the market for sustainability-related investment funds and securities has grown from $1 trillion to $2.77 trillion in 2019, but regulators aren't sure if all products sold fully match the ESG promises vendors make, banking on increased demand from investors interested in the trendy agenda.

"Asset managers can now employ a very wide range of concepts, values, and criteria," said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler in March. "We can readily detect whether some milk has no fat in it." However, determining whether a fund is truly what it purports to be may take some time.

source: ft.com