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UBS, Invesco, J.P. Morgan lead China's top foreign fund managers rating


As China is opening up access to its huge financial market to foreign players, several foreign firms are going up, according to CNBC.

UBS, Invesco and J.P. Morgan topped the annual rankings of Shanghai-based consulting company Z-Ben Advisors, which on Monday introduced the top 25 foreign fund managers in China. Data was collected as of December 2018. Companies were evaluated in three areas of activity: domestic, outgoing and incoming investments.

Swiss UBS, which has been investing in China for 20 years, won the first place in the list of the best foreign fund managers for the second year in a row.

The UBS ranking is followed by Invesco, J.P. Morgan, Schroders, BlackRock and Fidelity.

Invesco ranked second ahead of UBS in the category of internal asset management businesses.

As for inward investment, Fidelity International became the leader among stock managers, ahead of BlackRock.

Division J.P. Morgan Asset Management remained the leader in the Chinese outbound investment industry, Z-Ben reported.

This year's ratings also showed that the gap between the six best foreign fund managers and 19 others is growing.

Critics say that the opening of China’s financial markets to foreign players is still too slow. In practice, they said, efforts to ensure that foreign companies have equal conditions with local firms face many challenges.

source: bloomberg.com