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UK Government Likely Not To Ban Huawei From Its 5G Network Despite US Pressure


UK Government Likely Not To Ban Huawei From Its 5G Network Despite US Pressure
According to reports published in the United Kingdom, very strong hints and indications have been delivered by the UK government about its intention to allow the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei to participate as a vendor in some of the area of 5G mobile networks being constructed in the country. This decision is likely to be taken by the UK even as it faced intense pressure from the United States to ban the Chinese firm from 5G mobile network roll out because of national security concerns. 
Reports citing sources at Downing Street claimed that even though no formal decision about Huawei had yet been taken by the UK government, it felt that it was not viable for the US to try and pressurize the UK to ban Huawei completely primarily because of the absence of any other alternative vendors willing to pay a role in the British market.
“The market conditions are not the same in the US and UK,” the source was quoted in one of the reports as saying. “You could call it a market failure, but we are where we are,” the source reportedly added.
Earlier on Tuesday, while talking to a television news channel, comments on a similar line about Huawie was made by the UK business secretary, Andrea Leadsom who said that the roll out of 5G mobile networks in the country could face problems is Huawei was not included in it.
“There are other providers but they are limited,” she said. “Ideally there would be more providers of infrastructure similar to the work that Huawei does but the UK is looking very carefully at this issue and we will be making a final decision soon,” she added.
She further said: “It is an ongoing process and there are all sorts of factors to take into consideration, like the availability of other providers, like the work that Huawei has already done in the United Kingdom, so these discussions are ongoing.”
A No 10 spokesman told the media that the issue had not yet been finalized: “The work on the issue of high-risk vendors in the 5G network remains ongoing, and when it’s completed it will be announced to parliament.”