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UN Secretary General: Nuclear weapons must go down in history


According to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, nuclear weapons must be completely banned.

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Burnt Pineapple Productions
He claims that the sole objective of these weapons is devastation. The International Day Against Nuclear Tests is observed on August 29.

"Nuclear weapons have enslaved our planet for too long. These lethal weapons are simply intended for devastation; neither success nor safety are guaranteed by them. Let's ensure that testing is stopped permanently and put an end to nuclear weapons once and for all," the UN Secretary General said on Twitter.

The chance of using nuclear weapons in 2022 will be at its highest point since the end of the Cold War, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. According to the institute, the United States is in first place in terms of deployed warheads (1,744, with a stockpile of 3,708), while Russia is in second place (1,588, with a stockpile of 4,477).

source: un.org