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UN Secretary General criticize Israel for intensifying military action in Gaza


The Times of Israel newspaper cited UN Secretary General António Guterres' comments as claiming that he had warned of a dramatic deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, criticized Israel for stepping up military action, and again called for a ceasefire.

"The situation in the Gaza Strip gets more dire from hour to hour. "I regret that Israel has only intensified its military operations instead of the much-needed humanitarian pause supported by the international community," Guterres said while visiting Nepal.

On the previous day, the UN secretary-general stated that he was first "encouraged by the seemingly growing consensus on the topic of the need for at least a humanitarian pause in the Middle East."

"Sadly, what startled me more was the unheard-of increase in bombing that jeopardizes humanitarian goals. We have to turn this around," Guterres added.

In addition, he demanded the delivery of supplies to the Gaza Strip's population as well as an instant cease-fire and the unconditional release of everyone detained.

source: reuters.com