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UN declares worst economic crisis


The world has entered its worst economic crisis in a century as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This was the view expressed by UN Secretary General António Guterres in a speech at the Davos Agenda event.

Kuhlmann / MSC
Kuhlmann / MSC
"More than 2 million people have died and we are in the worst economic crisis in a century," Guterres said.

The UN secretary-general added that the pandemic had exposed global problems such as inequalities between people and countries, fragile climate crises and biodiversity.

He stressed that in 2021, the world has a unique opportunity to use the recovery from the pandemic to "move from fragility to sustainability."

In addition, Guterres said that delays in vaccine distribution as well as the mutation of the coronavirus could lead to more deaths from the infectious disease COVID-19. 

He called on countries that have developed vaccines to significantly increase production and make them universally available.

source: un.org