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US Again Warns UK On Its Decision To Allow Huawei In 5G


US Again Warns UK On Its Decision To Allow Huawei In 5G
While the United States again opposed the decision of the United Kingdom of allowing the Chinese tech giant to participate in the roll out of 5G mobile networks and warned that the use of Huawei posed a "real risk" to cybersecurity of the country.
The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has however maintained that there will be no damage to the transatlantic security cooperation even with the participation of the Chinese company in a partial manner in the UK.
The Chinese company was "an extension of the Chinese Communist Party" and Washington would "evaluate" the UK's decision, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
It is amidst the lurking debate of the Huawei that Pompeo has started a visit to the UK where he is slated to have meetings with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and the prime minister.
There was however no mention of Huawie in a brief Foreign Office statement that was issued after Raab met Pompeo on Wednesday evening. "The foreign secretary's discussions with Secretary Pompeo this evening focused on future opportunities for economic and security cooperation between the UK and US,” said a spokesman of the department.
"The pair discussed the US proposal for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and the situation in Iran and Yemen, and the foreign secretary underlined the need to de-escalate regional tensions," he added.
The charges leveled against it by the US have been repeatedly denied and refuted by Huawei.
"Our view of Huawei has been that putting it in your system creates real risk. This is an extension of the Chinese Communist Party with a legal requirement to hand over information to the Chinese Communist Party," Pompeo said while speaking to reporters on the plane to the UK.
He added that "American information only should pass through trusted networks, and we'll make sure we do that" and suggested the UK could "relook" at the decision in the future.
On the other hand, Boris Johnson has reiterated that the decision of his government to allow a partial entry of the Chinese firm in the roll out of UK's 5G infrastructure would not "imperil our relationship" with the Donald Trump's administration. Johnson however is being criticized by both Conservative MPs and US Republicans.
Despite warnings from the US that allowing Huawei an entry into the UK’s 5G network could impede intelligence-sharing between London and Washington as well as with the other members of the Five Eyes alliance, the UK prime minister has seemingly defied the US president by this most recent Huawei decision.
His government's decision on Huawei will not cause discomfort to the "extremely valuable" security cooperation that existing within the the Five Eyes alliance which includes the US, Johnson said after speaking with Trump on Tuesday.
He had "interrogated" the UK security and intelligence agencies over the Huawei the issue and inquired about whether it was possible to allow Huawei to play a role in the 5G roll out while preventing "any kind of risk of leaks or interference with our security", said Johnson while answering questions from the public on Facebook.
"There is no doubt in their mind that we can do it and we can allow Huawei into some aspects of 5G but not compromise our intelligence-sharing ability with America, Australia, Canada or New Zealand - the so-called 'Five Eyes'.