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US Cyber Forces Seek Experts to Attack Foreign Objects


US may not have the capacity and resources to protect against serious cyber attacks and full-scale electronic warfare, admitted Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security Eric Rosenbach. According to him, the Pentagon’s cyber forces have not enough specialists. Meanwhile, the daily attacks on US military networks are in the hundreds.

Pentagon’s cyber team, created in 2009, does not have the capacity to protect computer networks in the US, it is only able to wage a full offensive war against hackers.

- The United States can implement a cyber-attack against the enemy. But I am concerned that we are vulnerable. If the enemy decides to follow our example, we may not be able to repel the counter attack. Therefore, we should not take such steps – reports TASS citing Rosenbach at a hearing before the Senate Committee for the armed forces. He believes the cybersecurity department has enough money, but lacks the technology and skilled personnel.

This statement is contrary to the fact what other military officials used to say. They claimed that American experts are ready to attack foreign targets first.

According Rosenbach, danger of hacker attacks from the outside is growing, and it threatens primarily military computer networks. It is also necessary to protect large industrial companies that perform orders of the military department to prevent a potential adversary to obtain military technology and thus achieve parity with the US.

- Every day foreign agents are checking and scanning the Ministry of Defense’s network looking for vulnerabilities. Hundreds of intelligence agencies are trying to infiltrate our network. Some intrusion attempts by state and non-state agents have been successful, - said Assistant Secretary of Defense.

In addition, during the hearing, Pentagon’s spokesman told about the plans of his department to attract new professionals - both military and civilian.
- We are thinking of recruiting staff from other institutions. For example, from the California Silicon Valley - said Rozenbak. New cyber strategy, he said, will be presented in the near future. He added that the Pentagon cyber team is being trained to perform clear and controlled attacks on military and civilian targets.

Earlier, the new NSA head, Admiral Michael Rogers, called to increase US military capabilities in cyber sphere, and $ 5.5 billion will be spent from the budget for these purposes in 2015.

Hacker attacks against the United States and with its participation.

April 8, CNN television reported hackers’ intrusion in a secret computer system of the White House, saying, citing its own sources that the burglars worked for the Russian government.
Later, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Ben Rhodes said that Russia is actively working in the field of cyberspace and espionage. The incident was reported to occurre about six months ago.

January 16, the New York Post and UPI accounts on Twitter were subjected to cyber attack, which resulted in the announcement of Third World War’s beginning, Chinese missile strike on the US aircraft carrier George Washington and introduction of US central bank negative credit rate.

At the end of November 2014, hackers broke into Sony Pictures Entertainment computer network starring "Interview" movie about the assassination attempt on the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. FBI formally accused North Korea of ​​cyber attacks in the organization.

source: rt.com