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US Department of Energy urges major companies to contribute to clean energy transition


A global clean energy transition will not be possible unless the world's biggest companies step up and become part of the solution, US Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk has said.

CC BY Matt Deluge
CC BY Matt Deluge
"I believe we will not succeed unless key companies step up their efforts and become part of the solution to this problem," Turk said, speaking at a plenary session of the 23rd World Petroleum Congress taking place in Houston.

The US official said he sees oil and gas giants not only as a source of "phenomenal technical and human resource capacity", but also of "geological, technological and logistical expertise". However, Turk added that the global transition to clean energy must take place in an atmosphere of cooperation between countries and private business.

"No country or government alone can be the solution. We need a wide range of actors to succeed," pointed out the deputy head of the US Department of Energy.

The World Petroleum Congress, the 23rd of its kind, kicked off on Sunday in the US city of Houston amid continuing fluctuations in the global energy industry. It is one of the most representative oil and gas forums, bringing together more than five thousand participants. Delegates from 70 countries, including energy ministers and representatives of major energy companies, will discuss the development of the energy industry in the face of ongoing and new challenges until December 9.

source: cnn.com