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US to supply arms for $5B to Taiwan


The United States plans to supply Taiwan with modern weapons worth about $ 5 billion, Reuters reported, citing a source on October 13.

The U.S. Army via flickr
The U.S. Army via flickr
It is noted that the presidential administration presented to the US Congress two additional types of weapons to the previously agreed list - the Taipei MQ-9 UAV and coast-based anti-ship missile systems.

According to sources from Reuters, the US State Department has already issued permission to carry out three military supplies to Taiwan. It is noted that they include HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, SLAM-ER air-launched cruise missiles and additional (sensor) units for F-16 fighters. The US Congress has 30 days to decide on these deliveries.

Earlier, the media reported on the US intention to sell arms to Taiwan for $ 7 billion. According to the Financial Times, as part of the second deal (the first was in 2019), the island may be supplied with sea mines, land-based cruise missiles and drones.

China demanded that the United States refuse to supply arms to Taiwan and any other military ties with the island, according to the PRC being a province of China.

source: reuters.com