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USA, UK defense companies set to develop anti-hypersonic defense systems


Both Raytheon Missiles & Defense in the USA and Cohort in the United Kingdom claim to be working on defenses against hypersonic missiles.

The British and American army hire the corporations as contractors. According to Wes Kremer, CEO of Raytheon, there is just one project in the United States that addresses the issue, and it is still in its "infancy."

The company intends to concentrate on employing satellite constellations to track missiles from orbit. Kremer thinks that a missile can be destroyed if the heat dissipation mechanism is broken, which is their weak spot.

Andy Thomis, the head of Cohort, stated that the UK company is engaged on a project to stop missiles that fly at a speed five times that of sound. It's "a very tough task," in his opinion.

In April, the United States, Great Britain, and Australia launched a new partnership on defense innovation and counter-hypersonic technology. The development will take place within the AUKUS defense alliance.

source: telegraph.co.uk