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Venezuela pays no attention to sanctions and supplies oil to Cuba


PDVSA, the state oil and gas company of Venezuela, continues to supply oil to Cuba after the introduction of new US sanctions in early April, Reuters reported, citing documents of the company itself and data on tanker movements.

According to the agency, tanker Trident Hope with 600 thousand barrels of oil departed from a port of Venezuela to Cuba on Wednesday. A day later there was tanker S-Trotter with 400 thousand barrels of energy. The raw material is destined to the Cuban company Cubametales.

The US announced new sanctions, which were introduced at the request of the opposition-controlled National Assembly of Venezuela in respect of two companies for supplying Venezuelan oil to Cuba and 34 PDVSA vessels.

Venezuelan authorities called new US sanctions unacceptable, cynical and criminal and said they would respond to them in the appropriate legal way, the country's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

New US sanctions in respect of two companies for the supply of Venezuelan oil to Cuba and against 34 vessels of the state oil corporation PDVSA were introduced at the request of the opposition-controlled national assembly.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said earlier that the country will fulfill its obligations related to the supply of oil to Cuba, despite the new sanctions by Washington.

Earlier in January, the USA announced sanctions against PDVSA, and restricted assets and interests of the company worth $ 7 billion in total. 

source: reuters.com