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WHO Gets Free Advertisement On Facebook To Curb Misinformation About Covid-19


Online social media platforms are making efforts to spread the right information about coronavirus outbreak.

Facebook Inc’s C.E.O, Mark Zuckerberg, has informed that the company plans on giving “free advertisement” to WHO, World Health Organisation, for ensuring to stop the spread of misinformation by Facebook users about COVID-19, “its risks and how to react to it”. Zuckerberg stated:
“We're giving the WHO as many free ads as they need for their coronavirus response along with other in-kind support”.
In case, any Facebook users searches for postsrelated to the virus, they will receive a pop up directing them to “the WHO or local health authority for the latest information”. Moreover, in the battle to curb the spread of misinformation,Zuckerberg again pledged to remove “false claims and conspiracy theories”highlighted by “leading global health organizations”.
In this journey, Facebook will collaborate with “global health experts”, provide its support as well as “ad credits” to “other organisations”. Last month, Facebook had declared to put a ban advertisement of products and services that claim to wither cure or prevent the outbreak of corona, while the posts that “create a sense of urgency around the situation” would also come under its prevue.
As of March 3, 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19, whose starting point is though to be the Chinese Wuhan city, has spread across the globe affecting almost ninety three thousand people, reported Reuters. Like Facebook, other social media platforms too are trying to “improve their coverage of the virus”. Pinterest redirects any searches about “coronavirus” on its website to a “curated web page” while “WHO launched an account on video app TikTok late last week”.