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WHO names conditions for safe opening of countries after COVID-19 pandemic


Countries that intend to resume the functioning of the economy and intensify activities in various areas must comply with a number of security recommendations, Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday.

"WHO fully supports efforts to revitalize the economy and society (in a number of countries). We want to see children return to school and people to work. But we want to do this safely," Ghebreyesus said at a WHO briefing.

"We believe that in order to take control of (the coronavirus), all countries, communities and individuals should focus on four main points," - Head of the organization added.

In particular, according to Ghebreyesus, it is necessary to prevent the expansion of the scale of public events. In addition, Head of the WHO stressed that it is possible to reduce the number of deaths from the coronavirus by introducing measures to protect the risk groups: the elderly, citizens with health problems and workers on the front line.

He also stressed the need to comply with basic rules such as social distancing, hygiene and wearing masks. Also, authorities should develop a plan for testing, detecting, isolating and treating cases, as well as contact tracing and subsequent quarantine.

According to Ghebreyesus, national isolation can be avoided if appropriate measures are taken in a timely manner.

As of August 31, over 25.4 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the world, and more than 852 thousand infected have died. 17.8 million cases were recovered.

source: who.org