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WHO requests information from China on outbreaks of pneumonia in children


China has been requested by the World Health Organization (WHO) to submit comprehensive data on respiratory illness outbreaks, specifically about the rise in pediatric pneumonia cases, the organization stated on social media X.

The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China stated on September 13 that the nation is seeing a rise in respiratory illnesses as a result of the removal of COVID-19-related limitations and the introduction of known viruses including influenza and Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

This week, media reported on isolated cases of pneumonia among kids in northern China. The outbreak was also noted in a report by the public illness surveillance system ProMED, as reported by AFP.

Since "it is unclear whether the ProMED report is linked to the authorities' press conference," the WHO has contacted the Chinese government to request explanation. Thus, the organization has "requested additional epidemiological and clinical information and laboratory results" via the International Health Regulations system.

source: afp.com