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WSJ: Microchip manufacturer Marvell Technology buys Inphi for $10B


American microchip manufacturer Marvell Technology is preparing a deal to buy its competitor Inphi Corp., The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports with reference to its own sources.

According to the magazine, the parties have already agreed on the terms of the merger and the deal will be officially announced shortly. The amount of purchase will be $10 billion.

Marvell, which has a market value of approximately $26 billion, is producing microchips for data storage and communications networks. Inphi is also involved in this sphere. The acquisition of the company will help Marvell gain a foothold in this rapidly growing market segment.

The merger between Marvell and Inpphi is the second major transaction in the US semiconductor market in recent years. The other day, AMD and Xilinx announced the merger. The amount of this transaction was $35 billion.

source: wsj.com