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White House Says Trump, Modi Talks Could Lead To A Limited U.S.-India Trade Deal


White House Says Trump, Modi Talks Could Lead To A Limited U.S.-India Trade Deal
After the United States president Donald Trump completed his two day visit to India, the White House has said that Trump and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have decidedly agreed to “promptly” end the current stage of ongoing negotiations on trade between the two countries which is hoped to lead to a so called phase one of a bilateral trade agreement between the two countries.
Trump visited India for two days on February 24 and 25 which resulted in the US securing a $3 billion deal for sale of military equipment to India which includes the Apache helicopters.
"They (Trump and Modi) agreed to promptly conclude the ongoing negotiations, which they hope can become phase one of a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement that reflects the true ambition and full potential of the bilateral commercial relations", the White House said in s statement late on Tuesday without providing any more details of what could be included as part of such a deal.
Trump however had criticized India for imposing some of the highest import tariffs in the world while he was addressing a press conference in India earlier on Tuesday. “India is probably the highest tariff nation in the world,” he said.
It has been reported that trade representatives of India and the US have been negotiating for months prior to Trump’s visit to India to narrow down the conflicting issues between the two countries on trade in and in areas such as farm goods, medical devices, digital trade and new tariffs.
“If the deal happens with India it will be at the end of this year and if it doesn’t happen then we will do something else,” Trump said on Tuesday.
United States wanted that India should treat it fairly in terms of trade and business and thereby given reciprocal access to India’s market as the US does, said the US president while in India.
There was however some degree of controversy of surrounding Trump’s trip to India because it also coincided with a series of violent sectarian clashes in the Indian capital of Delhi over a recently passed amendment to its citizenship law. A total of 18 people were killed in the violence.