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White House To Discuss Huawei Ban With Executives Of US Tech Firms


White House To Discuss Huawei Ban With Executives Of US Tech Firms
The issue of the ban on American companies on selling anything to the Chinese tech company Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will be discussed between the executives from semiconductor and software companies and the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, according to reports quoting sources with knowledge of the matter. 
The reports quoted sources as saying that the meeting, which is slated to be held on Monday, would also be attended by United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the White House. Chipmakers Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc have also been invited to the meeting, sources reportedly said.
Reports also quoted an official of the White House confirming the happening of the meeting and also said that the meeting would be attended by Google and Micron. However the reports quoted the spokesperson as saying that the meeting has been called to discuss economic issues. 
The report also quoted the White House source saying that the topic related to Huawei was expected “to come up but that it is not the reason why they are convening the meeting”. The reports did not name the official because of sensitiveness of the issue.
There is still uncertainty over the issue of American companies dealing with Huawei – the largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment in the world, after the US Commerce Department put the company on its blacklist which is called the ‘entity list’ in May this year because of national security reasons.
The listing of Huawei on the entity list of the Commerce Department has essentially barred all US companies from dealing with Huawie in terms of goods or technology which meant that the Chinese company has been cut off from a host of critical suppliers based in the US. American companies are only allowed to deal with Huawie only with a special permission from the Trump government. Last month however, US president Donald Trump had said that American firms could resume sales in the wake of the possibility of revival of trade negotiations with China.
However despite the passage of a number of weeks since the Trump announcement, there is still little clarity about the implementation of the new policy towards the Chinese company.  
In situations when there is no threat of US national security in American companies dealing with Huawei, it can be done with special licenses from the government, the Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross has said earlier. There were recent reports that suggested that American companies could be given the permission to restart their business ties with Huawei within a few weeks. 
Reports also suggested that Broadcom Inc has been invited for the Monday meeting while Microsoft Corp is also expected to be invited to the White House event.
There were no comments in the reports from any of the companies named in this report.