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Who is Metalu Plast, the French sports equipment manufacturer conquering cities and stadiums?


Metalu Plast is a sports equipment manufacturer taking its “Made in France” domestic successes to the international stage, most notably fitting stadiums during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

In France, the company is known by local authorities and sports equipment professionals as number one in its field, with its products equipping facilities across the nation. After onboarding its CEO Jean-Claude Behr in 2008, Metalu Plast sought growth through expansion of its international sales, generating a list of wins at home and away.

Beating competition from a host of European and Asian nations, the SME based in Caen in the region of Normandy — secured its greatest victory yet: fitting world cup stadiums with tailor-made high-end touch shelters for players and officials on the side-lines.

“The World Cup is a beautiful showcase. It is a source of great pride for the people who work in the factory. They will be able to say to their children during the games, 'Look, we made them,'” Guillaume Deguerry, head of international trade at Metalu Plast, explained in an interview held around the time of the project.

“On this kind of tender, there is the whole world. We were in competition with the Germans, the Italians, the Poles, the Spaniards, the Asians and even the Russians,” he said.

Speaking about the project, CEO Jean-Claude Behr explained the order was special, not only as it was for one of the most iconic sporting events in the world, but also because it demonstrated that the company could adapt to challenging specifications and deadline amendments, and produce larger than normal builds, showcasing the quality of their products to literally billions of fans.

“Our capacity for innovation, adaptability and the quality of our equipment have been made visible to everyone. As a result of this, we received many requests,” Guilaume Deguerry confirmed.

An example, are the field benches delivered to stadiums in Cameroon when the country held the African Cup of Nations. Or most recently, the new VIP touch shelters delivered to the Berrechid stadium in Morocco through Metalu Plast partner COTER. Such projects cement the company’s reputation as an international player, for clubs and major sporting events.

Strengths of Metalu Plast equipment

With the kinds of organisations using the equipment, quality is evidently not an issue. When it comes to resistance, Metalu Plast’s goals really stack up. Along with the many customisable options available, the company can offer to use aluminium over steel frames. Although this might be counter intuitive, this can be a stronger choice when weight is taken into account. Of course, this makes goals and frames much lighter, and means that they are easier to move if need be.

Frames can be either made of cylindrical or ovaloid pipes. The latter are sturdier, making frames more resistant to the scrapes and knocks of thorough use during games. Metalu Plast also offers the choice of specialised hooks for locking nets in place. These innovative mechanisms actually make nets more resistant to wear.

This quality extends to Metalu Plast’s supply chain

Having had the French Origin Guaranteed since 2014, customers can be certain that the origin of the company’s products are whole-heartedly in France. This gives piece of mind regarding traceability.

The “Made in France” guarantee is granted only under strict criteria, and demonstrates commitment to a truly local manufacturing ecosystem. Obviously, this reduces the carbon footprint for deliveries made inside Europe. It also ensures that traditions forged in famously strong labour laws ensure happy and well-treated workers who abide by firm European sanitary regulations.  

According to Metalu Plast’s website, the company has sought to reduce its waste production, doing so by recycling and sorting, and by favouring local suppliers. It has also eliminated chemical aerosols in a bid to protect the environment. Equally, the company has ongoing investment in issues of health, safety and the environment, and is actively pursuing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) management objectives.

With foundations in solid management and a thriving manufacturing workforce, Metalu Plast is a team on the rise. According to the company’s executives, the contract victory at the World Cup showed them all how ready they were for the international stage: now, progress is about harnessing this new confidence to take on a greater, grander goals and challenges.