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World's largest retailer to use 5G for medical services


Walmart intends to launch a 5G network in its stores. This will be one of the steps to create "supercenters" that provide not only goods, but also services. 5G may be useful for the world's largest network, including for medical services.

Daniel Case
Daniel Case
US retailer Walmart is in talks with Verizon operator to install 5G network equipment in its stores, The Wall Street Journal reported citing sources. According to them, it is planned that the network will appear in two supermarkets in 2020.

Walmart intends to turn its stores into “supercenters”, to which customers come not only for products and goods, but also for services. At some points, the retailer intends to open medical centers with the use of the 5G technology. The centers could use fifth-generation networks for video communications between patients and doctors directly on mobile phones, newspaper sources say. Last year, the company opened two clinics of a new format in the state of Georgia.

WSJ explained what 5G patient care might look like at Walmart stores. A buyer may permit storage of his medical data in a special application. It will track when a customer arrives at the store and allows immediately making an appointment. After that, the patient will be able to get a prescription and at the same time buy the necessary goods. The 5G network will allow recognizing what exactly the customer bought and fill up the set of these products on the shelves. In addition, cameras in stores can work with a fast network and promptly notify staff about theft attempts.

Walmart management claims that 5G networks allow users to communicate in near real time and with greater security, which is important for healthcare services. For example, a doctor will be able to remotely familiarize himself with a patient’s medical card, observe how he walks on a treadmill, or analyze some test results, such as an electrocardiogram, in real time.

source: wsj.com