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YouTube launches competitor to TikTok


YouTube platform is launching its service for creating short videos up to 15 seconds long - YouTube Shorts, the company said.

“We are pleased to announce the creation of YouTube Shorts, a new service for short videos directly on the YouTube platform...”, the company said in a release. The company also noted that the beta version will be launched in the coming days in India, then the service will be expanded, and YouTube Shorts itself will be launched in more countries.

In beta, YouTube Shorts users will have a multi-segment camera for combining multiple video clips, the ability to record videos with music from a song library, a speed controller and a timer. The message also specifies that the maximum video duration is 15 seconds.

Making short videos became especially popular in 2019 with the proliferation of the Chinese TikTok app. At the same time, YouTube in its message noted that the first video "Me at the zoo", created by the founder of the platform, lasted 18 seconds and that with the development of technology, people can have fun or get information using a small amount of content in their spare minutes.

source: bloomberg.com