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Young Students Take Part In Mock-COP21 & Discuss About Environmental Current Affairs


The World Affairs Council’s of Washington DC organises a mock COP21 event for students and teachers in order to inform them about global current affairs on the environment and climate front.

Washington – 11 December 2015 – Hundred and eighty people consisting of teachers and students were hosted by the “World Affairs Council-Washington, DC”. The latter received its guests from the “DC-metro area”, welcoming them for the “Youth Forum on Climate Change” which has taken place at the “historic Thurgood Marshall Center Trust in Washington, DC”.
The forum on the completion of its fifteenth years found coinciding itself with the “UN Conference on Climate Change”, COP21, that took place in Paris. Taking advantage of the time and opportunity, the forum provided its participants with the opportunity of interacting “with environmental experts, scientists, policy-shapers, and youth leaders” in order to give them a comprehensive understanding of the “complex decision-making” that is the call of the hour for arriving at “a universal agreement on climate change”.
Consequently, the students got to learn about various important issues related to climate change along with its irreversible effects “on the global community” and finally how global climate policies can be influenced by youth leaders. Washington, DC’s Benjamin Banneker High School’s Rachel Gebre, said:
“Climate change is significant. It has the potential to affect the next generation and it is important to emphasize that simple things can make a big difference.”
Moreover, students were also given a “mock-COP21 experience” wherein “interactive group simulation(s)” were conducted. The young participants were also given a lesson on carrying out debates and the process related to decision making, after which it is reported that the students were “inspired to act to address climate change in their own lives”, whereby Tamara Muhammad from Maryland’s New Hope Academy remarked:
“Our future depends on the actions we take today”.
While, Virginia High School’s George C. Marshall stated:
“There is really no better time to take action than now”.
In the words of the “Director-Global Education at the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC.”, Amanda Stamp:
“The Youth Forum provides a relevant platform for students to engage with their peers on an important issue affecting all of us, globally. Students can apply the information they learned at the Youth Forum to their every-day lives to make a difference."