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eMarketer: Holiday sales in the US will reach $ 1 trillion


According to a forecast of the research agency eMarketer, the volume of pre-Christmas and Christmas retail sales in the USA will exceed $ 1 trillion for the first time in history. Experts attribute this to rising incomes, low unemployment and good consumer confidence in the economy.

The forecast of the research agency eMarketer notes that in the current season of Christmas and Christmas sales (November 1 — December 31), total retail sales in the US will grow by 5.8% compared to last year and will be $ 1.002 trillion. Thus, the volume of holiday sales will exceed the trillionth mark for the first time in history.

The dynamics of sales this year will be the maximum since 2011. Moreover, steady growth will be observed not only in online retail, but also in the traditional one.

eMarketer expects that sales in regular stores this year will grow by 4.4% to $ 878.4 billion. Previously, the company expected sales at the level of $ 863 billion. Researchers note that the share of sales in traditional retail is still the most significant (87,7%), however, recently it has been decreasing due to the overflow of consumer demand to online retail. “Internet commerce will continue to record double-digit sales growth, but traditional retail will be a bright spot this season,” said main analyst at e-Marketer Andrew Lipsman. “Although not every traditional retailer is flourishing this year, and some even had to close, others will benefit from a good situation in the consumer economy. Retailers attract customers with the changing format of their stores, as well as more efficient programs in which people can choose and buy online, picking up goods in the store.”

eMarketer believes that sales growth in online retail will be around 16.6%, to $ 123.7 billion. Thus, the share of online sales this season will be 12.3%. “Retailers have to fight for the share of sales in the segment of online sales,” emphasizes eMarketer analyst Cindy Liu.

Indeed, at the end of last week, American retailers began submitting their offers for the current sales season, starting with Black Friday. Amazon began pre-distribution of part of the goods and announced free shipping for all of its American customers. Earlier, Target, a large retailer, also reported about free delivery on “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

source: emarketer.com