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15 simple ways to save Earth from climate change


Leading figures of the world are considering issues of implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

 Global warming must be stopped, and it can be done inexpensively, using existing technology, according to a new report by the National Innovation Fund of Finland Sitra.

 "The world is dominated by a myth that reduction of emissions into the atmosphere is a very expensive task, requiring use of a sophisticated technology that has not yet been invented. It's not like that at all. We already have a lot of working and quite cheap solutions, which should only be used widely, "- said a senior adviser to Sitra Oras Tynkkynen.

Widespread use of 15 methods applied in Nordic countries would reduce amount of emissions worldwide by four gig tons before 2030. This is equivalent to emissions of all EU countries during one year.

15 methods selected by Sitra are widely used, can be easily applied in other countries, yet are still characteristic only to the Nordic countries.

Bikes are popular all over the world, yet citizens ride a bicycle on average 2.8 kilometers per day only in Denmark. It is easy to ride there, but urban structure has contributed in the world record. "Use of wind power in Denmark and Sweden, electric cars in Norway, city bikes in Denmark are a good example for Finland", - says Tynkkynen. 

 He also tells about boom of heat pumps in Sweden. There are 800 thousand heat pumps in Finnish homes, and approximately 1.5 million in Sweden.

Sitra is not going to dignify the Nordic countries as the world's climate rescuers, but only to show that modern technology is already enough to significantly reduce emissions. For example, Norway has outstripped its neighbors by use of electric vehicles, although the same brands are sold in other countries.

So, why are existing methods not widely used if they are so cheap and effective? Some of preventing factors have high cost of the initial stage, low cost of energy, large subsidies for conventional fuels.

According to the International Energy Agency, fossil fuels received grants in the amount of $ 500 billion in 2014, whereas these subsidies amounted to 390 billion dollars in 2009. Subsidies for renewable energy sources amounted to 135 billion dollars.

Even Donald Trump, skeptical about the climate change problems, will not be able to stall the work to save the planet's climate. When George W. Bush took over as president in 2000, he refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate. "It is a pity, if the United States give up the Paris Agreement. However, solutions to reduce of emissions are now undeniably more attractive than those at the turn of the century. They are so tempting that they are meant to take advantage, no matter what President wants. "

15 ways to reduce emissions according to Sitra:

•    Combining heat and power
•    Wind power on land
•    Wind power at sea
•    Use of geothermal energy
•    Re-use of carbon in the oil and gas industry
•    Reduction of methane in the oil and gas industry
•    Low-carbon technologies in the industry
•    Increased use of electric vehicles
•    Extensive use of biofuels
•    Extensive use of bicycles
•    Energy Efficiency Housing
•    Heat pumps in homes
•    Bioheat
•    Increase in forest areas
•    Use of manure in agriculture

These methods may help reduce emissions by 4116 million tons. Cost of implementation would amount to € 11.5 billion.

source: hs.fi