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A Major Platform For Artificial Intelligence Is Its Mobile Devices: Apple


A major platform for artificial intelligence for Apple Inc in the future is its mobile devices, Chief Operating Officer of the company Jeff Williams said.
Artificial intelligence (AI) features are embedded in the company’s latest A11 chips which have been used in the latest smartphone of Apple - iPhone X, which is set to begin taking pre-orders later this week. Making use of a mathematical model of a person’s face to allow the user to sign on to their phones or pay for goods with a steady glance at their phones, the latest model pf the iPhone promises new facial recognition features such as Face ID.
“We think that the frameworks that we’ve got, the ‘neural engines’ we’ve put in the phone, in the watch ... we do view that as a huge piece of the future, we believe these frameworks will allow developers to create apps that will do more and more in this space, so we think the phone is a major platform,” Williams said.
Attended by global tech executives, he was speaking at top chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s 30th anniversary celebration in Taipei recently.
Life of people would be significantly improved without sacrificing privacy or security by technological innovations, especially involving the cloud and on-device processing, Williams said.
“I think we’re at an inflection point, with on-device computing, coupled with the potential of AI, to really change the world,” he said.
An industry he sees as “ripe” for change, healthcare is a sector where AI could be used to change the way it is delivered, he said.
Mobile phone would not be the only devices that will be part of Apple’s integration of artificial intelligence, Williams said.
“Some pieces will be done in data centers, some will be on the device, but we are already doing AI in the broader sense of the word, not the ‘machines thinking for themselves’ version of AI,” he said referring to the work of Nvidia Corp, a leader in AI.
In search of new growth drivers, heavy spending is being done to develop and offer AI-powered services and products to develop and offer AI-powered services and products by global tech firms such as Facebook, Alphabet Inc, Amazon, and China’s Huawei.
Additionally, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that a second Vision Fund that could be about $200 billion in size, a second Vision Fund that could be about $200 billion in size was being planned by Softbank Group Corp, which has significantly invested in artificial intelligence.
His company’s relationship with Apple was described as “intense” by TSMC Chairman Morris Chang TSMC Chairman Morris Chang at the event where Williams was also attending. 
With both parties taking on substantial risk, the relationship between the companies started in 2010, the year Apple launched the iPhone 4, Williams said.
“Huge” investments to ramp up faster than the pace the industry was used to at the time that were made by TSMC was credit to the company by him. He said that TSMC invested $9 billion to bring up its Tainan fab in a record 11 months and Apple decided to have 100 percent of its new iPhone and new iPad chips for application processors sourced at TSMC.

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