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Abbott resumes work at Michigan baby formula plant


Abbott Nutrition, the nation's largest maker of infant formula, resumed production on June 4 at its Michigan, facility. This should help to alleviate the country's baby food shortfall, which began with the closure of this business.

EleCare nutrition for children with digestive difficulties, as well as other types of newborn formula, will be produced again, according to Abbott. The first batch will be available on June 20, although as previously said, retail deliveries of the formulations will take six to eight weeks once production resumes.

In May, American consumers suffered a shortfall of newborn formula, with stores reporting a 43 percent shortage. As a result, many supermarkets began selling baby food in single-handed quantities. The shortage began when harmful bacteria was discovered in Abbott goods in February, resulting in the deaths of two infants; the Michigan plant was shut down.

The closure of the plant resulted in a drop in production as well as a disruption in the supply chain. Eventually, US officials were forced to employ the Defense Production Act to remedy the problem, and military transport aircraft were used to carry the mixes from Europe. Abbott and the authorities agreed to restart the Michigan plant in early June a few weeks ago.

source: cnn.com