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Administrative Charges To Lower In China Across Multiple Sectors


A report issued by the economic planner of China said that administrative costs will be reduced over a number of sectors.

Dailymanagementreview.com, Beijing – 24 September 2015 – In an announcement made by the economic planner of China on Thursday, revealed that there are plans of lowering twelve “administrative charges”.
The whole operation will mostly cut down cost as estimated, whereby it will save guard “enterprises and individuals” an amount of almost four billion yuan. The same is an equivalent amount of almost six hundred and thirty million dollars in the currency of the United States.
These measures that are to be taken by the Chinese government will be effective from the 15th of October 2015. The range of charges that will be reduces, will include various sectors such as that of property transfer, “software copyright application” and trademark registration.
These prices will come down accordingly, which was declared in a “statement of the National Development and Reform Commission” which is shortly termed as N.D.R.C.
It is said that the property charges of the property transfer will come down by almost thirty three percent of its present rate which will be a great help for the potential buyers in the market. In fcat, the statement also allowed the government of “medium and small cities” to apply a further reduction in the property cost, as per their wish.
Moreover, the report also informs that:
“In addition, the NDRC will double the exemption period for patent maintenance fees to 6 years, effective in 2016”.