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Adobe Installs AI Tool Into Marketing Systems


Adobe’s new feature makes marketing recommendation job easier.

Adobe Inc has informed about the inclusion of its “new set of artificial intelligence tools” inside its “digital marketing software” in an attempt to help the company to improve its “marketing campaigns”.
Applications like Photoshop has made Adobe a known name whereby making it the biggest software provider for “running such campaigns” for helping business to “decide which of thousands of images and pieces of written to content to show to potential customers”, reports Reuters. Owing to the growth of the company’s software division, it saw a 50% jump in its share this year.
The AI features were revealed on Monday, October 12, 2020, whereby thousands of product images can be scanned, labelled either by “color and shape” or through “natural-language processing technology”. This way, the marketing campaigns’ job of giving recommendation becomes easier in situation like “showing a person browsing an e-commerce site a pair of shoes similar to ones they have previously viewed or a news website suggesting a story on a similar subject to the one just read”.
This kind of AI tech is, however, several years’ old, yet “corporate marketing departments” needed to export data from the system before using the technology following which another division needed to work with the data for “business to use” the same.  As a result, the process used to slow down work flow, revealed Adobe’s Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Intelligence Service, Ali Bohra. In the words of Bohra:
“When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real time, this is not a process that works very well”.
Now, Adobe has directly installed the technology into the “marketing systems” whereby cutting down on the data export requirement.