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Ahead Of Australian Election, Environment Stands As A Major Concern To Voters


Currently, environmental related issues gain more people’s attention in Australia as it climbs three spots in the rank of concerns for citizens in comparison to the previous voting session.

Source: flickr.com; (CC BY-ND 2.0); "Credit: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/ Mia Hoogenboom"
Source: flickr.com; (CC BY-ND 2.0); "Credit: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/ Mia Hoogenboom"
According to a poll, the environmental conditions seem to be the biggest hurdles faced by the voters of Australia, while the election that is scheduled for the coming month is surrounded by two top concerns, namely “healthcare and the cost of living”.
It seems as much thirty two percent of Australian citizens lack the access to affordable healthcare services, whereby posing it to be the “biggest worry”, while the “cost of living” seems to tow behind at 31% and the crime rate takes the third seat at 25%, reveals the “Ipsos Issues Monitor”.
The said monitor is the “longest running” one in Australia which surveys community concerns. Moreover, the monitor also found that 23% of the people who responded consider the environment to the one of the major issues, which takes the fourth place consecutively. Nevertheless, the environment related issue had ranked ninth with 14% in last election that took place in 2016 and this election the same has climbed the rank by three spots.
At the last federal election in 2016, the environment ranked ninth at 14 percent.
Daniel Evans, an “Ipsos social researcher”, was cited saying:
“Now there is a real momentum around it (environment)”.
Various environment organisations as well as government bodies in Australia reported that the citizens are showing a growing concern towards the changing climate scenarios threatened by global warming which include areas like “renewable energy, drought, environmental regulation and protection of natural habitats” especially the “Great Barrier Reef”.
Furthermore, another annual “climate survey” conducted by Ipsos suggests that every two people in three think that Australia is already facing the ill-effects of climate change while 46% recognise humans, “entirely or mainly, to be the contributors of this trouble. While, Reuters reported:
“Australia’s A$1.87 trillion ($1.3 trillion) economy is slowing, but the number of voters for whom it is a major worry has fallen since the last election to 23 percent from 30 percent. It ranked as the fifth major concern in this month’s poll”.
The vote sessions in Australia is scheduled on May 18, 2019.