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Airlines Using Boeing’s 737 Max To Meet To Discuss Future Of The Craft


Airlines Using Boeing’s 737 Max To Meet To Discuss Future Of The Craft
While on one hand, airline and flying regulators across the world are getting together to discuss the measures that should be taken to allow Boeing Co.’s 737 Max to fly in the air again, those airlines that use the 737 Max is scheduled to meet next week to debate on the ultimate return of the aircrafts that have been grounded all across the world currently after the two fatal crashes involving the same craft model.
The first accident involving the craft took place last year when a plane of Lion Air of Indonesia crashed into the sea off Indonesia that killed all 189 passengers. Five months later the same craft model was involved in another crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight in which all 157 people on board were killed.
According to an email sent on Wednesday from the trade group - the International Air Transport Association, a gathering of the airlines that make use of the craft at an event in Montreal on May 23. On that very day, a gathering of 50 foreign airline authorities has been called for in Texas, United States by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. That gathering is aimed to discuss and review the software update from Boeing for the 737 Max crafts and the proposed new pilot training manual for the craft was well.
“The meeting will provide a forum for airlines to exchange information about the experiences and challenges that they face as a result of the grounding and in their preparation for the reintroduction of the aircraft into operations,’’ IATA said.
These two meeting that are being organized simultaneously is good news for the attempts of Boeing to get into the air again its best-selling jet craft following the two fatal and very widely circulated crashes involving the same craft model in two different places on the plant within a short span of just five months. Changes to software that has been suspected to be the primary factors leading to the crashes in both the cases are being finalized by the US plane maker. An update on the software fix is expected to be received next week by the FAA, the body said. It has been over two months that all the 737 Max crafts have been grounded all across the world.
The IATA said that 28 members out of a total of 290 member airlines possess and uses the 737 max. The largest airline in the world that make use of 737 Max is the Southwest Airlines Co. which said that it would be present at the meeting scheduled for next week. Launched and first delivered about two years ago, and this model is the latest version of Boeing’s workhorse 737.
Updates from the FAA and Boeing would also be included in the IATA event even though it is primarily meant for airlines only. A summary of the meeting would be received by the IATA’s board of governors. The group however said that it does not plan to make any formal public press release. IATA will hold its annual meeting in Seoul on June 1.

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