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Alibaba seeks companies to test its AI chatbot


Alibaba is searching for businesses to test its Tongyi Qianwen chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence, reports Reuters. Alibaba is thus attempting to imitate ChatGPT's enormous success.

hinglish Notes
hinglish Notes
Alibaba has reportedly enabled registration for businesses to test the relevant app, but there is no more information about the bot yet.

The app is a large language model (LLM) targeted at corporate customers, a source told Reuters.

The company’s cloud computing department published a teaser on Friday with the following message: "Hello, my name is Tongyi Qianwen, this is our first meeting, I would welcome feedback".

The chatbot app's official website now has only spaces for entering phone numbers and email addresses to request an invitation, and no specifics about how to utilize it are provided.

Reuters contacted the Alibaba Cloud division for comment on the email, but they didn't answer.

source: reuters.com