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Alibaba to change cloud business management structure and its strategy


Alibaba, the massive Chinese internet company, is adjusting both its strategy and the way its cloud business is managed, CNBC writes.

hinglish Notes
hinglish Notes
The company intends to focus more on three areas of this business: cloud infrastructure, hybrid "cloud" (which combines features of public "cloud" and private - where remote power is used by one client in isolation), and public "cloud" (solutions where remote computing power is distributed to a large number of clients).

Alibaba is also introducing leaders positions for these business units. Liu Weiguang will lead the public cloud segment, Li Jin will lead the hybrid cloud segment, and Jiang Jiangwei will lead the cloud infrastructure segment. They have all been employed by Alibaba for an extended period of time.

Liu Weiguang, Li Jin, Jiang Jianwei, and Zhou Jingzheng, the chief technical officer of the cloud division, will all report directly to Eddie Wu, the company's head.

Alibaba will concentrate on cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions concurrently, according to CNBC.

source: cnbc.com