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All EU Commission Candidates Fail To Garner Enough Support


Macron talks about the EU session to choose EU Commission from the three candidates.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org; © Rémi Jouan; (CC BY 4.0)
Source: commons.wikimedia.org; © Rémi Jouan; (CC BY 4.0)
On last Friday, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, informed that all the three “lead candidates”, otherwise called Spitzenkandidaten, for the “European Commission presidency” did not get “enough support” from the EU leaders in Brussels. Talking to the reporters, Macron informed:
“The three Spitzenkandidaten, the three names were tested by (European Council Chairman) Donald Tusk and he considered that they had found no majority on either of these three names”.
Manfred Weber is a Deputy Head for Angela Merkel’s “centre-right sister party”, named CSU, who was backed by the “conservatives” as their “candidate for the Commission”. In fact, Macron too had shown his support towards Weber, whereby he added:
“It appeared clearly this morning that there was no majority for Mr. Weber”.
“This step was necessary considering the level of tension we had reached because of this obsession over a party organisation that did not fit with Europe’s democratic reality”.
When Macron was question if any tension had built up between Germany and France regarding the “nomination process”, Macron said:
“I have nothing against a German candidacy, I said it and it wasn’t a joke, had the chancellor been a candidate, I would have supported her, because I think she has the qualities, the skills to be a very good president of the Commission.”
“It is not what she wants, I respect that very deeply”.