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Amazon Beats Netflix to Off-line Video Streaming and Download


Amazon Beats Netflix to Off-line Video Streaming and Download
User of Amazon would now be able to download television shows and movies via its streaming service to watch while offline on pretty much all mobile devices, the company announced on Tuesday.
With this announcement, Amazon, arguable world largest on-line retailer, managed to move one step ahead of its rival Netflix who is yet to do anything in this aspect.
Experts said that Amazon beat Netflix in its own game.
While offline viewing had been available on the Kindle Fire since its debut in 2013, form Tuesday, there will be an expansion of the service and would include iOS and Android platforms where streaming would be possible at no additional charge.
This development by the on-line retailer gives Amazon Video a leg up in the streaming race even while the Netflix subscribers have been clamouring for this feature for many days.
Users of Netflix have been demanding that the company do something to enable users to download movies and TV shows offline. However every time the company had said that it's "never going to happen". In this sense, the announcement by Amazon put service providers like Netflix o the back foot as Amazon has added the exact services that te subscribers of its rivals had been demanding and not getting.
The company however made it clear that offline playback will not be available for all Amazon Video titles. But the present list is impressive and includes a decent list of titles such as Amazon originals Bosch andTransparent, in addition to binge favourite Downtown Abbey and Curb Your Enthusiasm. 
Tuesday’s announcement by Amazon follows announcement by Netflix that it would not renew its deal with Epix which essentially transpires into Netflix users being denied of a series of hit box office titles such as Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Wolf Of Wall Street .
It is noteworthy that Amazon was quick to highlight two of the title left out by Netflix as being available for its offline streaming.

Experts view this move by Amazon as a step towards its efforts to upping the ante in the streaming-video competition with downloadable videos.

The members of Amazon’s $99 annual Prime loyalty program would be allowed to download some shows and movies on its streaming video service to watch offline, or when there is no Internet connection available, for free.

For viewing in iOS or Android platforms, users can download the Amazon Video app to watch the content.

Shows like "Downton Abbey" and "The Good Wife," HBO shows including "Girls" and "Veep" and movies including "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" can now be downloaded using the Amazon app for free.

However downloading would not be possible on desktops and laptops and would only be possible on Apple and Android phones and tablets, including Amazon's Fire devices.

At present, streaming-content only is offered by other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

"There's no doubt that the way people watch entertainment is changing_any time, anywhere viewing is important," said Michael Paull, vice president of digital video at Amazon, which is based in Seattle.

The prime members in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Austria can avail the downloadable videos. To attract more subscribers to the annual Prime program, Amazon has been expanding services for Prime members, including its Prime Instant Video service.


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