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Amazon Secures Historic Champions League Broadcasting Rights In Germany


Amazon Secures Historic Champions League Broadcasting Rights In Germany
Amazon, the largest online retailer of the world has secured exclusive German rights to a package of Champions League matches after the company had successfully managed to live stream top-flight English football for the first time. This move, according to analysts, by Amazon shows that it has now set its eyes on success in European sports.
Analysts also said that this exclusive rights acquired by Amazon in Germany is on the same level as the company managing to break the stronghold over the rights to the Premier League held by Sky and BT in the United Kingdom. Sky Deutschland holds the rights for Champions League broadcasting in Germany which is sub-licensed as a package to the sports streaming service DAZN.
Exclusive rights to 16 Champions League matches a season has been secured by Amazon which makes Amazon’s broadcast to be among the top matches to be played on Tuesday nights. These rights are related to the group and knockout stages for three consecutive seasons of the tournament from 2021 to 2022.
The organizers this week will be auctioning the majority of the rights which would include the final match of the tournament which will be offered as a separate right.
Analysts also said that this move by Amazon shows that it is getting more interested in doing it big in prime sports rights. It was just weeks ago that Amazon successfully streamed live 10 Premier League matches over a two day period.
Since its launch in the UK in 2007, the two biggest days of sign-ups to its Prime subscription service were on the day that Amazon streamed the Premier League matches.
“We’re excited to bring Uefa Champions League football to our customers in Germany,” said Alex Green, the managing director of Prime Video Sport Europe. “The Uefa Champions League is one of the most prestigious club competitions in the world. We’re delighted to bring the top-pick Tuesday matches to our customers from 2021.”
Since 2017, the broadcasting rights for audio coverage of the Bundesliga football league has also been held by Amazon.
Under the three-year deal, Sky Deutschland is the main rights holder and sub-licensed a smaller package of games to DAZN. It has been reported that an estimated €600m was paid by DAZN. This is also the first time that no Champions League games have aired on free-to-air TV in Germany following the outbidding of the public broadcaster ZDF in this deal.
Retaining of the UK rights to the Champions League until 2024 was made by BT Sport for an estimated amount of £1.2bn last month.
Amazon has been spending tens of millions for the US Open rights while it has been building up its portfolio of sports rights in the UK. The online retailer also outbid Sky for men’s ATP World Tour tennis and women’s WTA tournaments for a £50m deal.
One of two packages for rights for broadcasting the Roland Garros clay court grand slam for three years from 2021 was secured by Amazon for the first time into the French sports market earlier this year.