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Amazon's new head sets to develop its gaming business despite a string of failures


Amazon will continue to develop its Amazon Game Studios (AGS) game division despite a string of failed projects, said Andy Jassy, who will succeed billionaire Jeff Bezos as CEO by the fall of 2021. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing Jassy’s letter sent to employees.

"Some businesses grow from the first year, others take many years to do so. So far we have not had sustained success with AGS, but I believe we will get there if we keep working," Jassy said, commenting on the agency's recent publication on the problems of Amazon's gaming division. 

"There's obviously a lot less stress from instant success, but when it takes longer, [achieving the goal] is often more enjoyable," Jassy noted.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon got into game development back in 2012 at the initiative of Jeff Bezos. Since then, the company has spent "billions of dollars" releasing two high-budget games, both of which flopped, and cancelled numerous other projects, the agency noted. 

Some of the corporation's gaming failures were listed by Bloomberg in an article to which Jassy responded. For example, according to the agency, in 2017 Amazon cancelled development of a "clone" of the multiplayer game League of Legends called Nova. 

In 2019, the company halted work on Intensity, inspired by one of the most popular online games, Fortnite. A year later, the company released the online shooter Cruciable, which many compared to another game in the genre, Overwatch. After scathing reviews from critics and low player interest, the game was shut down and taken off the market just five months after release.

source: bloomberg.com