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Amazon to hire 100,000 new employees


Amazon.com, the world's largest online retailer, intends to additionally hire 100,000 warehouse workers and couriers in the United States due to the growth of online orders amid the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Stock Catalog via flickr
Stock Catalog via flickr
A message posted on the company's blog notes that Amazon is opening positions with full and part-time employment.

In addition, by the end of April, Amazon.com will increase the hourly pay for workers in warehouses, transportation, and order delivery. In the US, the increase will be $ 2 per hour, in the UK - £2 ($ 1.6) per hour, in many European countries – about €2 ($ 1.8) per hour. The company will allocate $ 350 million for these purposes.

Amazon.com said it will continue consultations with medical experts to ensure safety of its employees.

Last week, Amazon.com reported an increase in the number of online orders amid the spread of coronavirus and warned buyers about possible delivery delays and the absence of some products, especially in the home goods category.

source: wsj.com