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Amazon to open clothing shops with smart fitting rooms


Amazon is planning to open shops with smart fitting rooms to sell its own brands of clothing, WSJ learned. The fitting rooms will have screens that can be used to ask for a particular piece of clothing, and the system will suggest what else to try on based on the customer's preferences.

The world's largest online retailer Amazon is set to boost sales of its own clothing brands through large offline shops with smart fitting rooms, The Wall Street Journal wrote citing sources.

Amazon's shops could open next year and will mainly sell T-shirts, jeans and other clothing from Amazon's own brands as well as others already sold through the online shop, the WSJ claimed. Amazon wants to test whether the shops will help increase awareness of its brands and improve the shopping experience.

One idea the company is already testing is scanning QR codes for clothing items so shop employees can pick up a set and bring it to the fitting room, The Wall Street Journal learned. There will be touch screens in the fitting room that can be used to order additional items of clothing. 

The system will advise on what to choose based on the customer's preferences. Doors will be designed so that shop staff cannot see customers when they bring them requested items, the newspaper's sources said. In the future, they say, robots may appear in Amazon shops.

source: wsj.com