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Amplats expects platinum-group metals output to decline in 2025-2026


The biggest producer of platinum, Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), stated in a presentation that it anticipates a drop in platinum production to 3-3.4 million ounces in 2025–2026.

James St. John
James St. John
Over the coming years, Amplats expects that platinum will continue to be slightly in short supply due to the solid demand from the automobile industry and the ongoing replacement of palladium in gasoline catalysts.

According to the corporation, this substitution is happening at a slower rate. "Catalyst manufacturers are replacing palladium with platinum, but the economic incentive to do so has diminished, suggesting that substitution volume may soon plateau," Amplats stated.

The business expects that the volume of platinum shortages will decrease in 2025–2026. Palladium will be in deficit once more in 2024, but will enter a surplus starting in 2025 as the switch to electric vehicles restrains demand and recycling finally gets better.

source: reuters.com