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Analysts: India may overtake China in population


According to Bloomberg, India may have surpassed China as the world's most populated nation already.

Projections from the independent group World Population Review and official Chinese figures show that India may already have surpassed China as the world's most populated nation.

According to data released on January 17 by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, China's population will be close to 1.412 billion by the end of 2022. Compared to 2021, the population decreased by around 850,000 throughout the course of the year. In 2022, China's birth rate reached its lowest point since 1950.

Estimates from the World Population Review cited by Bloomberg display that India has 1.417 billion people as of the end of 2022. It still refers to China as the world's most populous nation on its website. The organization also points out that China's population is already beginning to gradually decline, whereas India's population is expected to keep increasing until at least 2050.

In 2023, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, India's population will overtake China's. The World Population Review reports that as of January 18, that has already occurred: according to a graphic on the organization's website, India's population is close to 1.429 billion, while China's population is close to 1.426 billion. According to Macrotrends, China has around 1.426 billion people while India has 1.429 billion people.

source: bloomberg.com