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Analysts noted growing interest of British investors in US securities


According to Calastone analysis, British investors have been actively buying American equities since October 2023, while keeping their money out of the securities of British corporations.

Wally Gobetz
Wally Gobetz
MarketWatch notes that this is yet another illustration of the issues plaguing the stock markets in Britain, which are beset by a dearth of IPOs and a lack of liquidity. Recently, a number of significant businesses have switched their listings from the London Stock Exchange to other trading platforms.

British investors pulled out of local equity funds totaling £633 million ($803 million) in February. They made record-breaking investments in North American funds totaling 2.54 billion pounds and European funds totaling 363 million pounds at the same time.

British money inflows into international stock markets consequently hit its highest point since May 2021.

According to Calastone’s statistics, British investors withdrew £8.06 billion from the US stock market in the eighteen months leading up to October of last year—a total reverse of the previous trend.

source: marketwatch.com