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Apple Launches iPadPro Along With Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard as Add-ons


In a much hyped and talked about launch event, Apple unveiled the much rumored and speculated iPad Pro. Apple made this launch at a special press event in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The iPad Pro is a larger version of the iPad and in the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook “it's the biggest news in iPad since the iPad.”

A new split screen app features of iOS 9 on the new 12.9-inch display are the basic developments of the iPadPro over the iPad. The width and the height of the iPad Pro are the same as that of iPad Air 2. 

"It can do things that a smartphone doesn’t do because it doesn’t have to sit in your pocket," says Apple's Phil Schiller.

To bring the iPad Pro pixels to life, Apple is using the same technology from its iMac with Retina 5K display.

"For the first time in an Apple display, it has a variable refresh rate," explained Schiller.
Hence the iPadPro displat speed can be now slowed down to save on power.

A new chip processor inside the iPadPro, the Apple's new A9X processor, is claimed to be 1.8 times faster than the previous chip in the earlier versions of iPad.
"Our chip team is just on fire. It is faster than 80 percent of the portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months. In graphics tasks it's faster than 90 percent of them." claimed Schiller.

In terms of games and productivity apps, the iPadPro graphics, with double the speed as earlier versions, would also double the performance.

With the ability to edit three streams of 4K video simultaneously, the iPad Pro will last 10 hours on battery claimed Apple. Four new speakers have been added to the iPadPro’s audio system and the sound would be balanced depending on the holding angle of the device by the iOS9.

Considering the large 12.9-inch display 6.9mm thin and 1.57 pounds in weight iPadPro is very thin and lightweight.

A Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro was also launched by Apple.

"This is unlike any keyboard you've ever used before. It's covered in a fabric that forms the structure for the keyboard. Three new circles along the side of the device act as a new Smart Connector to attach the keyboard to the iPad Pro," said Schiller.

This is the only hardware that has been added to the iPadPro.

As an add on Apple also unveiled an Apple Pencil that essentially functions as a stylus for the tablet which increases the amount of scanning on the surface of the display to improve accuracy.

The Apple pencil is pressure sensitive as it has sensitivity sensors as light pressing would produce brief strokes while broader lines can be created by stronger pressure. The iPadPro can be used to charge the Apple Pencil via a pluggable Lightning connector. An user can also email or add notes using the Apple Pencil as such built-in Mail and Notes apps all support Apple Pencil.
iPadPro would be available in silver, gold, and space grey finishes in the market from November. There are two versions – 32GB and 128 GB priced at $799 and $949 respectively.  

However the users would neither get the Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard along with iPadPro. Each would be available separately for $99 and $169 respectively.


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