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Apple Patents A ‘Foldable Screen’ For Creating Foldable iPhones


The aim of creating an iPhone which could be bent or folded has pushed Apple Inc to add yet another patent into their patent series.

Apple continues to move on the path to fulfil its ambition of launching “foldable smartphone” as it has patented a “foldable screen” which compatible to iPhones as well as other devices. The said patent was granted by the “US Patent and Trademark Office” on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.
The patent description is given as “an electronic device” that comes with “a display and cover that are flexible or bendable”, reported CNN. The said application’s date of filing goes back to January 2018, which also forms part of the series of patents’ application made by Apple which under the plan of creating foldable display.
Furthermore, news18.com also reported:
“In the past, Apple has also filed patents for a flexible display with touch sensors and portions that open and close like a book, as well as a flexible iPhone that could be folded in half and grip a person's clothes.
“Earlier in 2018, the iPhone-maker had successfully secured a patent for its foldable phone that focussed on a flexible hinge and the use of a fabric for its housing”.
In the month of February 2019, the company presented a submission which included “a blueprint of a bendable smartphone” which features hinges for holding the display in “half or in thirds”. The display could fit into anything like “phones and tablets to laptops, wearables and even mobile accessories”.
Nevertheless, reports have also mentioned that many companies, even Apple, has filed patent earlier which never came into fruition. Moreover, “Samsung and Huawei have already shown off their foldable offerings at the MWC event held earlier this year in Barcelona, Apple is expected to release its bendable device by 2021”.