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Apple Watch: Now on Sale but Impossible to Buy


Although April 24 is indicated as the start of sales, purchasing the watch in the day occurred to be impossible. Two weeks ago, the company started taking pre-orders. Those, who managed to get in the first batch of goods, will receive the watches on the 24th delivered to home.

Alex Washburn/WIRED
Alex Washburn/WIRED
Apple watch sales were officially launched in US stores. The company's new products came to selling, transferring the first party at the reservation. Thus, for the first time in recent years, the start of sales of the Apple corporation’s device is not marked by lines at stores.

The system of pre-orders are not guaranteed to get the coveted gadget for everyone. Apple executives decided to put an end to hours-long queues in shops that have usually been accompanied by the appearance on the market of new products with the Apple logo. However, it turned out that the traditional "live" turn was translated into electronic waiting list. Apple’s official salons put on showcases whole series of electronic watches in different colors and different materials. But they could only be tried but not bought.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported Apple Watch stocks were booked in just a few hours. In the US reservation is made about one million units. According to earlier surveys in the United States, only about 6 percent of Americans were going to buy a new digital clock, most of them are men under 30 years of age.

Sales started in USA, Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, England and Hong Kong.
According to a poll earlier conducted by Reuters and research organization Ipsos, about 6% of Americans plan to buy Apple Watch.

Approximately 4% of women and 9% of men considered Apple's smart watches as a "high" fashion element, rather than technological gadgets. Of greatest interest to the clock showed men aged 18 to 28 years - 34% of respondents. The study involved 1,829 Americans.

According to the agency, if the survey was conducted on the basis of forecast data to the US Census in 2014 and excluded young people, the number of people willing to buy Apple Watch would amount to about 15 million people.

According to market forecasts, total sales Apple Watch in 2015 will be approximately 10-32 million units. Gartner’s research organization analyst Van Baker believes that the US company will be able to work closer to such a result, says the agency.

Start of pre-orders for Apple Watch in the United States launched on Friday, April 10. Their cost varies from 349 to 17 thousand dollars, depending on the model and material from which they are made.