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Apple agrees to pay for Qualcomm chips after two years of litigation


Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. agreed to complete all legal proceedings, thus putting an end to the long-standing litigation.

The agreement between the two companies provides that Apple pays a certain amount in favor of Qualcomm.

In addition, Apple and Qualcomm entered into a license agreement for a period of six years (from April 1, 2019), as well as a long-term agreement providing for the supply of Qualcomm modems for Apple devices, the companies said in a joint press release.

Development of 5G technologies has probably contributed to the end of legal disputes between Apple and Qualcomm, writes The Wall Street Journal. Apple used 5G modems from Intel Corp. in its latest iPhones, which are inferior to similar Qualcomm products in some characteristics. While maintaining contradictions with Qualcomm, Apple could start lagging behind its competitors, including South Korean Samsung Electronics, in terms of wireless Internet speed.

A few hours after the announcement of the agreement between Apple and Qualcomm, Intel announced that it would leave the business for the release of 5G-modems for smartphones.

Shares of Qualcomm jumped 23% in price following the announcement of an agreement with Apple, the shares of which finished the sale in a weak plus.

source: bloomberg.com