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Apple iPhone 6S Hits Shelve, Company Expects Record First Week Sales


Apple iPhone 6S Hits Shelve, Company Expects Record First Week Sales
With fans camping outside stores to be the first to get their hands on Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone 6S, the launch which commenced in the UK on Friday was welcomed with the now all so well known fanfare.

This has prompted the company to predict new records for opening weekend sales of the newest iPhone.

The fanfare and the long queues outside the Apple stores were seen worldwide in the 11 other countries where it went on sale, with New Zealanders being the first in the world to get their hands on it.
In a dramatic scene, one woman reserved her place in the queue with a robot with an iPad mounted on it outside the Apple Store in Sydney, reported the local media. 
“I obviously have my work and other things to attend to and can't spend two days lining up so my boss at work suggested I take one of the robots down and use it to stand in my place," the woman told the media through the iPad outside the store this week.
On 9 September, Apple chief executive Tim Cook had unveiled the phone which is a minor upgrade from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that were launched in 2014.
The first week sale of the iPhone6 and 6Plus had touched 10 million in 2014 and Apple offices are confident that the 6S would even break that record this year.
Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said he expected opening weekend sales to be around the 12 million to 13 million mark.
However onlookers outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden with whom The Guardian had spoken to described the scene as “a lot less hectic” than last year.
The cobbled streets in front of the store were not full to bursting as they have been previously, even as around 400 people queued up outside the flagship store.
On the other hand people who do not have access to an Apple store and were planning to order the phone on-line now would have to wait up to two weeks for it to be delivered.
The critics have however flooded iPhone 6S with praises with ‘The Verge’s’ Nilay Patel praising it as the “best iPhone ever made” and ‘The Wall Street Journal’s’ Joanna Stern telling people “if your iPhone is more than two years old, this is the phone to get”.
The new features that were incorporated and added to the latest iPhone include a 3D Touch, where it can sense how hard users are pressing on the touch screen allowing app developers to add more functionality.
To capture the moments before and after a photo is taken, the new phone also brings 4K video to the iPhone as well as live photos. The A9 processor in the new phone has also been upgraded with the latest version of iOS9.