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Apple postpones MacBook and iPad releases due to lack of chips and displays


Apple has been forced to postpone the release of some MacBook laptops and iPad tablets due to component shortages. This was reported by Nikkei Asia citing informed sources.

matt buchanan
matt buchanan
According to them, the problems with the production of MacBook are associated with a global shortage of chips. Automotive manufacturers have been suffering from semiconductor shortages for months. Samsung has warned that it could soon affect production of mobile devices. 

Launch of the iPad, according to Nikkei's sources, had to be postponed due to lack of displays and components needed for their production. Apple was forced to push back some orders for components for the two devices from the first to the second half of this year because of the delayed shipments.

Sources noted that iPhone production has not been affected by the shortage, although supplies of some smartphone components are "quite limited". The shortage has also not yet affected the availability of Apple devices to customers. A company spokesman declined to comment.

source: asia.nikkei.com